Convert your musical sensitivity in a sixth sense

A fun method to learn music without prior knowledge, adapted to each age.

The diversity of situations and interests is the norm in each educational center. Various starting points that we take into account in our musical activities for boys and girls from 3 to 12 years old, whether during school hours (complementary curricular) or in an extracurricular format.
In the curricular format sessions, we work transversally on the subjects and competencies of the school curriculum, using musical theater or pedagogical concerts as a learning vehicle.

Why learn music with Ignite?

Variable centers of interest

Each quarter we start from a different point of interest: a composer, a genre, a story, a musical work,...

Fun as a method

Improvisation and creation with the voice, body and classroom instruments, as highly effective methods.

Natural learning

We introduce ourselves to the musical language starting from the voice, listening (recorded and live) and movement.

Collective creation

Creation and editing of an album with the students' musical creations and the scores worked on in class.

digital edition

We incorporate technological resources, applications and music writing software.


Technological extracurricular activities in Barcelona and Madrid

We have extensive experience in the design and implementation of face-to-face activities in schools, adapted to each age level.
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