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Minecraft, Scratch, TinkerCAD; are you ready to STEAM?

These days of confinement we ask our students what they would like to do this summer. We love learning from the little ones and seeing how they behave and relate naturally even in extraordinary situations.

This has probably been, without a doubt, a good starting point for the approach to our online extracurricular activities. Appealing to what really motivates them is very successful at a time when the entire educational community has been rapidly digitally transformed.

For this reason, our students now openly ask us to continue learning in the STEAM extracurricular activities and Summer Camp, but with very attractive tools like Minecraft. If you want to see more information about the TECH SUMMER 2020, such as Stage Tecnológico Online: you will find it by clicking here: Summer Camp

That is, continue this summer with the learning of the STEAM extracurriculars using the language they understand best: exploring from the game itself, with gamification systems.

For example, it seems that many students these days are watching videos about the Minecraft series Karmaland, their videos are everywhere. Apparently some of YouTube's most important content creators are filling this platform with them weekly. But what is Karmaland and why has this game given everyone the fever?

Karmaland is nothing more than a series of Minecraft, the legendary construction game. However, in this series the protagonists are also the players themselves: Vegetta777, Willyrex, Alexby11, Luzu, ElRubius, Mangel, Fargan, Lolito and AuronPlay.

Therefore, these are the ones in charge of uploading the chapters to their channels, meanwhile, they are showing how the world in which they have been released is growing so that they can design it as they wish.

A tailored STEAM Summer Camp?

That's when our students told us: What if we make a STEAM SUMMER CAMP to create our Karmaland? We could call it Igniteland!

As a result, with this idea in hand we turned to our pedagogical direction and finally agreed on a ground-breaking approach for this upcoming Summer 2020: virtual camps, as fun as a gaming community, to also work on computational thinking skills (Programming). and descriptive competence (3D Design).

From here, in this new learning context, IGNITE Serious Play therefore proposes something different and very motivating for our Primary and Secondary students, supported by an immersive narrative.

Discover the Tech Summer Camp 2020.

The Summer Camp is aimed at students from 10 years of age, and will take place in the period from June 22 to July 30, with weekly participation modules.

Likewise, students will create 3D Programming and Design projects while learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) skills. Likewise, your creativity will be enhanced in environments such as Minecraft, Scratch and Tinkercad with a fun, gamified and English-language method.

Finally, there are two schedules available to choose from: mornings (10 a.m. to 13 p.m.) or afternoons (15 p.m. to 18 p.m.), from Monday to Thursday each week.

A Summer Camp in the STEAM field.

The sessions are fully structured and planned with the aim of enjoying a daily challenge in the STEAM field. The sessions will therefore combine live videoconferences with teachers along with individual work and personalized tutoring.

Therefore, 4 options are offered with differentiated and gamified projects corresponding to each educational stage and shift:

  1. Higher Cycle (10-11 years), MORNING from 10 a.m. to 13 p.m.
  2. Higher Cycle (10-11 years), AFTERNOON from 15 to 18 p.m.
  3. Secondary (12-14 years old), MORNING from 10 a.m. to 13 p.m.
  4. Secondary (12-14 years), AFTERNOON from 15 to 18 p.m.

Collaborative online space.

Also for the monitoring and development of the STEAM projects, the students will have a collaborative online space and direct consultation with teachers. Likewise, the only requirement will be to have a computer and Internet connection at home.

In addition, the pedagogical direction of IGNITE Serious Play has prepared the FUTURE BUILDERS narrative, with which the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals will be worked on weekly in the form of fun missions:

  • Week 22th JUNE: Good Health & Well-Being
  • Week 29th JUNE: Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Week 6th JULY: Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Week 13th JULY: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Week 20th JULY: Climate Action
  • Week 27th JULY: Life below Water

So, for this coming summer, don't miss the most powerful educational cocktail:

Do you want to meet our gamer teachers?
Do you want to exchange ideas and knowledge with other IGNITE Serious Play students regardless of the distance?
Do you want Minecraft to be your environment for programming and designing in 3D?

Therefore, starting today you can register and sign up for the STAGE – TECH SUMMER 2020: doing CLICK HERE and entering the educational center code: INTERNSHIP

Finally, for more information, you can also fill out the following contact form:

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